Renee-FreedmanRenee has an uncanny gift for building programs and designing and curating intensive immersive collaborative experiences evoke personal, professional, and cultural transformation. Experiences she has designed have:

 → Accelerated the progress and grow the confidence of Fellows creating global impact
 → Built coaching cultures within four social impact organizations

Renee’s work is based on her deep belief that every individual is a potential game changer. She derives much pleasure from co-founding the coaching program for the designated Fellows of TED and founding and directing the coaching program for the Fellows of the Unreasonable Institute, StartingBloc, ‘The Venture’ social entrepreneurial competition, and the Female Filmmaker Initiative of Sundance Institute. She also applies her talents to match leaders and individuals desiring coaching with a ‘best fit’ coach.

Additionally, as a professional coach skilled in multiple modalities, Renee is known for being the consummate thinking partner, for hearing what is unsaid, perhaps a pattern not currently in someone’s awareness, and for putting the most pivotal conversation on the table. Her clients consistently laud her as the best listener they know. Renee grounds her work by introducing simple-to-apply models and by building bridges between paradoxical points of view in order to introduce fresh perspectives, new paths of action, and better outcomes.

Renee is the president of Renee Freedman & Company. She earned coaching certifications from the International Coaching Federation, Institute for Generative Leadership, and the Newfield Network. She holds specialized coursework certifications from New Ventures West, Harvard’s Immunity to Change Program, Fielding Institute’s Evidence Based Coaching, Integral Institute, and Spiral Dynamics Integral.

Her coaching and coach matching has benefitted leaders of the Modern Language Association, Envoy Airlines, Havas Edge, Wikimedia, Pearson, Institute for Generative Leadership, LA Public Law Library, New York Public Library, California State Senate, Pima County District Attorney’s Office, and Columbia University Press.

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