Our World Needs Better Leadership

Growing Conscious Leadership is one of the greatest leverage points across all systemic challenges: climate change, social justice, poverty, education, business, politics, and more. StartingBloc has invested in building a community of leaders for 14 years, and our leadership community spans sectors and industries. At critical mass, these leaders will have the influence to fundamentally reshape the systems affecting millions worldwide.

StartingBloc does three things really well. First, we run highly-rated five-day leadership institutes in New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. that reach more than 300 civic leaders, educators, activists, and entrepreneurs each year. The curriculum focuses on collaborative problem-solving (using human-centered design), a full-day harnessing inclusion and unconscious bias, and a respected leadership tool called Polarity Mapping, which allows people to hold and integrate paradox and divergent perspectives. Second, we’ve built an inclusive community – 65% of our Fellows are people of color, 55% are women, 20% are international, and last year we awarded $80,000 in financial aid to make the program accessible and socio-economically diverse. And third, we’ve built and sustained one of the most active communities of change leaders through a cohort-based model. Our 2,500 Fellows continue to work together, share resources, coach each other, start projects, and engage in StartingBloc’s chapters for years after their Institute.

After years of stable and consistent growth, now is the time to invest in:

Expanding our Reach

Invest in Scholarship Funding + Go Global

Deepening our Programming

Develop Lifelong Curriculum + Provide Coaching

Building a Movement

Host Annual Summit + Rebrand

44% of our Fellows have been referred to a position by another Fellow, and 80% of Fellows report that StartingBloc contributed significantly to their professional growth. 94% of Fellows believe they have a much stronger network as a result of StartingBloc, and 76% report greater clarity of purpose, passion & goals after attending a StartingBloc Institute. 41% of our Fellows are in positions of leadership before going through an Institute, whereas 62% of Fellows report that they continued or took on a new leadership role post-Institute.

We are at the early stage of our fund development, and we build personal and deep relationships with funders. Funders can expect:

  1. Invitations to see and experience any StartingBloc Institute or program
  2. Facilitated connections to StartingBloc Fellows
  3. Regular Funder-only updates on Impact 

Interested in becoming a Funder?

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Current Funders

Sequoia Foundation
Yale Spector
Evan Rappoport
Patrick Ip
Sharan Bal
Nathaniel Koloc
Anne Steeves
Jake Nonweiler
Kelsey Wong
Sudhir Radhakr
Daron Sharps
Megha Modi
Katharine Bierce
Dawn Powell
John Kennedy

Eliot Badgley Foundation
Somya Prakash
Cesar Gonzalez Sr.
Kat Alexander
Jeremy Pesner
Sahar Massachi
Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis
David Kanter
Jennifer Storm
Richard Johanson
Byron Go
Ankit Patel
Lizzy Flanagan
Julian Rhodes
Divinity Matovu

Jai Krishnan
Gordon Casey
Danielle Vermeer
Chris Schenk
Nils Klinkenberg
Kamrin Klauschie
Katherine Tan
Corinne Baker
Kevin Miller
Jaymin Patel
Sophia Chitlik
Radiris Diaz
Alice Liu
Corey Ponder
Cortni Grange