Become the leader our future needs.

During our 5 day transformative Institutes, Fellows develop key leadership skills, join a Fellowship of over 2,500 professionals across the globe and transition from high potential to high impact. Our impact is evaluated through community, personal growth, acquisition of skills and knowledge and career development.

Where in the World are StartingBloc Fellows?



At the heart of StartingBloc, we are a community of leaders, thinkers, doers and change makers worldwide. Our community is our currency and we value authentic connection, strong relationships and mutual support above all else. Since our conception in 2005, the community has grown to over 2,500 Fellows. When a Fellow is accepted into StartingBloc, the Institute is the doorway that unlocks the Fellowship.

2,500 Fellows Worldwide
56 Countries Represented
54% Female
94% of Fellows agree that StartingBloc has contributed to their personal network
64% of Fellows believe that SB plays an important role in their life
71% of Fellows have provided support to another Fellow


Personal Growth

Great leadership begins with empowered, strong and healthy people. At StartingBloc, we approach leadership and personal growth holistically and incorporate a good dose of health and wellness into the mix. Christopher Germer said it best when he stated that “self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.” By nurturing ourselves and aiming towards balance we are able to achieve our life’s greatness.

80% of Fellows report increased self-confidence and feelings of empowerment
77% of Fellows experienced an increase in their self-awareness
76% have a better understanding of their passion, purpose and goals
“I attended the LA’12 institute at what ended up being an incredibly fragile and transitional point in life. I walked away with an incredible community of big thinkers, designers, and adventurers that encourage me to dream even bigger.

StartingBloc is a gem of inspiration without ego, positivity without ignorance, and community in its most authentic form.”

—Shira Abramowitz (LA ’12)

Acquisition of Skills and Knowledge

Don’t worry… We are not all hugs (although we do love them). Our Fellowship thrives on the principle of getting-stuff-done. Our programming integrates high-level leadership skills with with tactical tools that can be implemented in any organization or work environment. We are constantly evolving to accommodate the changing landscapes of social impact, technology and business.

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84% of Fellows agree that StartingBloc has improved the social and/or environmental impact of their work
56% of Fellows report a significant improvement in their leadership skills and demonstrated leadership post-Institute
71% of Fellows walk away from the Institute with a greater understanding of the social innovation/impact space

A Snapshot of our Programming |

Transformative Action: Fellows learn about the most effective ways that citizens create social progress. Powered by TAI
Polarity Mapping: Many of the issues that leaders face are not problems to be solved but polarities to be balanced. Here, Fellows explore how.
Rapid Prototyping: Fellows learn about design thinking and put it into action to tackle the challenges of select local impact organizations. Powered by Rework

Career Development

As you can see, StartingBloc addresses a whole-life development which includes professional growth. Our Fellows can be found at hundreds of social impact ventures across the globe. If the job you’re looking for is in the impact, environmental, government or funding space, chances are, an SBer currently works there or has worked there in the past. Our Fellows provide mentorship and support to each other every day and are tirelessly devoted to the professional success of the Fellowship as a whole.
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Where our Fellows Work |

Fellow-Run Ventures Indicated in Orange

Emerge Global
Tech for Good
Service Year
Social Business Consulting
Heifer International
Light Up Africa
General Assembly
The Atlantic
Digital Democracy
SOMA Water
InVenture Fund
Bain & Co
White House
LGBT India Foundation
Root Alliance
World Economic Forum
Girls Who Code
Carbon Farming
World Bank Innov.
“StartingBloc changed my life. The Institute introduced me to a group of people that think in a different way, that dream bigger, that have pushed me to accomplish more in these last 2 years than I had in the previous 8.

To be blunt: it was the best investment I’ve ever made.”

—Adam Smiley Poswolsky (LA ’12)