The StartingBloc Institute is a transformative 5-day experience for entrepreneurs, activists, students, bridge-builders and other innovators.

Through a series of workshops and activities designed to stretch your limits, you learn directly from high impact changemakers, you work with proven frameworks for delivering change, and you build relationships with life-long allies. StartingBloc gives you:

A network of stellar peers.

StartingBloc Fellows are a vital community of passionate leaders. We consistently hear how they have each others’ backs. They connect each other to mentors, funding and opportunities, they team up on projects, and they hold each other accountable.

Tools for making real change.

Give yourself an edge by adding cutting-edge tools to your belt. Fellows learn the science of creating their own luck, the art of social aikido, and the same rapid prototyping techniques used to design Google Glass and self-driving cars.

Guidance from world-class changemakers.

Our speakers are in the trenches, making change. And they’re good at it. They’ve done things like building a business that provides 26 million meals to the homeless, and developing a curriculum that’s launched hundreds of small ventures in East Africa.

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