Mentoring is one of the most rewarding ways to engage with the Fellowship.

Think back to what it was like to attend your Institute. Chances are, your mentor was an integral part in your personal success. Mentorship is a great way to offer support while enjoying a StartingBloc Institute in a unique way.

Mentorship is a volunteer role open exclusively to existing StartingBloc Fellows. You must apply to mentor and applications open 3 months before each Institute kicks off.

The DC’17 Mentor Application is due September¬†1st.

The StartingBloc Team and Lead Mentors review each application. Applications are judged based on depth of experience in facilitation, clear orientation towards incoming Fellows, overall level of discernment shown in the application, and previous experience of the review team with the Fellow. After these factors are considered, each application is judged based on a series of inclusion criteria, which helps us to create groups of mentors that best represent the diversity and range of the Fellowship.

Given this two-factor application review method, Fellows may apply several times before they are selected for a mentor group. We recognize that Fellows with a desire to Mentor are some of our strongest organizational and community advocates, and we are deeply grateful to every Fellow who applies.

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