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“Isn’t that what we need most? People who help us step outside of ourselves and our limited of ways of being in and perceiving the world. People who show us how to use that perspective to create collective good. People who remind us that we are the ones who change the world.”
Annika Erickson Pearson, StartingBloc’s Director of Search


StartingBloc exists because the world needs better leadership. The world needs leaders who are driven by something greater than profit, who courageously show up for the work of personal development and systems change, and who are devoted and committed to sharing power.

We believe in a paradigm-shift towards space for inclusive power and influence. We believe in human agency and the freedom of choice. We partner with academic institutions, like-minded organizations and corporations, and funding partners who help us make our work a reality.

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We invite you to join us in pursuing our vision of a world that works for everyone. If you’re interested in exploring a partnership with StartingBloc, please reach out to Kristine.

What our partners say about StartingBloc

Krista Tippett | President, Executive Producer, Host of On Being

The old models of leadership and organizational life have failed us, but the new realities – humane realities for whole people, and whole leaders – are being created and nourished. The team at StartingBloc are visionary practitioners on this frontier. I find great hope in their growth and flourishing.

Adam Smiley Poswolsky | LA’12 Fellow, Author, Speaker

StartingBloc changed my life. The Institute introduced me to a group of people that think in a different way, that dream bigger, that have pushed me to accomplish more in these last 5 years than I had in the previous 28. The StartingBloc community has given me meaningful job opportunities, helped me get published in numerous outlets, and provided support when I needed it most. To be blunt: it was the best investment I’ve ever made.

Debbie Sterling | LA’12 Fellow, Founder, CEO, GoldieBlox

StartingBloc was a life-changing experience for me and was truly the catalyst that turned GoldieBlox from a prototype on my living room floor to a successful company. The lessons I learned from the Fellowship helped shape me into the entrepreneur I am today. The StartingBloc community is the most passionate, supportive and genuine group of people I have ever met. The bond we share and the continuous support we have for each other is like no other. My friends from StartingBloc have been there for me since we met 5 years ago, and vice-versa. I know we will be there for each other for life. I couldn’t recommend StartingBloc more highly to anyone who has a true interest in social entrepreneurship. This is the group of people that will help you change the world.

Robert Egger | Founder, President, LA Kitchen

I’ve spoken at countless gatherings of social entrepreneurs across the US. Without doubt, StartingBloc attracts the best and brightest. I consistently been inspired by the men and women I meet there, and they’ve helped my thinking stay both fresh and fierce. Nobody’s better than StartingBloc.