We are living in a world where the expectations on business have shifted and increasingly, the lines between business, government, and the social sectors are blurred. Each sector is now expected to address societal dilemmas in new and expanded ways, but it will take sophisticated combinations of each sector’s unique designs to produce common good outcomes.

While traditionally each of these sectors focus on breakthrough innovations, at The Lewis Institute we hyper focus on breakthrough interactions as the starting point that yields powerful new social innovations. What we do is intentionally introduce and reconfigure relationships in such a way that new and expanded social impacts and innovations come about.

Here at The Lewis Institute, we say that Social Innovation takes form when we are:

  • Promoting Unusual Partnerships
  • Steering Nonlinear Journeys
  • Cultivating Relationships
  • Activating Changemakers
  • Igniting Breakthrough Interactions
  • Fostering Social Value in Business
  • Building “teams of teams”

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