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Give yourself permission to question what is possible. Apply to the 2017 StartingBloc in NYC by July 20th, a Fellowship for leaders determined to create a better world.

Stop waiting for certainty. Act now. StartingBloc is a community of leaders determined to build a viable future. Apply to their NY ’17 Institute by July 20th.

Level up. Make shit happen. Applications now open for StartingBloc NY ’17, a fellowship for leaders willing to tackle the impossible. Learn more at

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StartingBloc is accepting applications for their Institute in New York. Watch this video and apply now to join their next class of Fellows!

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If your followers are new to StartingBloc:

Surround yourself with a community working to create change. Apply to @StartingBloc’s NY ’17 Institute by July 20th!

Start the year off right. Apply to @StartingBloc NY ’17 by July 20th, and join a global community of change makers.

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@StartingBloc could very well change your life. Apply now to join the next class of StartingBloc Fellows.
Give yourself permission to question what is possible. Apply to @StartingBloc Institute in NY by July 20th.

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Hi [name],

I trust that you are doing well! [personal note]

I’m reaching out personally because I think you are a great fit for the StartingBloc Fellowship, which is coming to New York in August 2017. I recommend you apply right away!

If you have any questions, StartingBloc’s Director of Search, Annika (, is CC’d, and I’m also happy to jump on a quick call and share my thoughts. If you’re curious, read on.

StartingBloc is a fantastic organization working nationally to train, connect, and inspire young social innovators. They are hosting their annual New York Institute for 100+ emerging leaders in August 2017.

Through their five-day Institutes, StartingBloc has built a tight-knit, international community of 2,500 social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and other innovators from over 56 countries. Click here to get a better feel for the Institute experience!

StartingBloc Fellows are true leaders of change. People like Kalimah Priforce who runs hackathons for people of color, social entrepreneurs like Debbie Sterling whose company gets girls interested in engineering, and intrapreneurs like Christine Lai, who’s leading a charge to change company cultures at Delivering Happiness.

New Fellows come back from StartingBloc inspired and refreshed, with a host of new leadership tools on their belt. Very often, they also find new co-founders, org partners, customers, and support for their work.

StartingBloc Fellows go on to launch new organizations, lead culture change at their companies, and find great jobs through StartingBloc’s powerful network.

Is any of this interesting to you? If so, check out this 2-minute video, and apply for the NY ’17 Institute, which starts August 17th.

Click here for the application, which is due July 20th.


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