Meet Mohammed

Bo Town, Southern Province, Sierra Leone, West Africa
Work Title 
Founder and Director – SEED Sierra Leone
Community Empowerment

Describe a ‘day in the life’ of you at work.

‘’15th July 1998’’ the day I unconsciously became an entrepreneur at aged 14; when I was 14 years old living with my family as refugees at the stadium one remarkable things happened which later marked the turning point in the life of my work as an entrepreneur.

Two months before school re-opened, my father gave me $50 USD to buy my text books. Three days later my friend told me that his mother, a widow, had not cooked dinner for about a week because she had no money. They used to live from selling cakes, but the business had collapsed.

While he was explaining, I remembered my text book money. The next day on‘’15th July 1998, I went to my friend’s mother and explained that I wish to lend her the money to re-start her cake business. There was only one condition: she should return the money within two months, so that
I could buy my text books without my father noticing. She started selling cakes again and exactly after two months she paid back the money. With the raised profit she bought another bag of flour to bake more cakes. My encounter with the widow and the trust she demonstrated motivated to focus on empowering women and girls.

What does leadership mean to you?

After years of working in leadership position with different characters of individuals in a social project, I have come to the conclusion that true leadership is ‘’what happens when a leader is not around’’. No leader knows all! That is why delegation of responsibilities is a crucial element every leader must practices in order to achieve a set goal or objective. Every leader needs to be reminded regularly that: When we each do our part, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

What part of StartingBloc has been of most value to you? Why?

The ideas Market place has been the most value session during my StartingBloc experience. This session gave me the opportunity to share vision with co fellows and receive very valuable feedbacks for my venture. Today I am apply many of this feedbacks in my work and trust things are working fine for me!. Through this session I was exposed to wealth of experience and talent in the room.

What are your goals for the year?

Almost 7 years I have been working to support rural women with microloan and skills training to startup or enhance their small scale businesses and help them rebuild their lives after years of civil war. Since the start of our work almost 500 women have benefited. Now Ebola Virus
disease breakout in our country and destroyed all their structures they have labored for many years. My goal for 2016 is to seek for support to enable me help this category of women start up their business again.

Favorite StartingBloc moment? 

My most favorite moment at the StartingBloc was the day I was sharing my vision with my co-fellows and receiving feedback on how to make my speech and work better.

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