StartingBloc Fundraising Advisory Council

The intention of the Fundraising Advisory Council is to give and/or raise $50k for StartingBloc within the next year. Applications are due by March 8.


The Fundraising Advisory Council exists to support StartingBloc in achieving its Vision by generating financial resources in the form of grants, sponsorships and individual contributions for the organization.

While the StartingBloc Board of Directors will govern the organization and direct the mission, vision and values of StartingBloc, the Fundraising Advisory Council will focus on funding the mission, vision and values, under the oversight of the Board of Directors.

In forming the Fundraising Advisory Council, we’re seeking creative partnership opportunities, new funding partners, and pathways to build strategic alliances.


The Fundraising Advisory Council is an application-based opportunity, including a brief interview with the StartingBloc team. After review with the StartingBloc Team, the StartingBloc Board of Directors will invite selected candidates to join the Fundraising Advisory Council.

The Council is open to both StartingBloc Fellows and aligned public champions. 20 seats are available on the council.

If you’ve previously applied for a Board of Directors role and interviewed with the StartingBloc team, you will not need to complete an additional interview for the Fundraising Advisory Council.

You’d be a great fit for the Fundraising Advisory Council if:

  1. You feel alignment with StartingBloc’s vision and strategic priorities and are down to help fund the vision
  2. You are excited to help design and execute a major fundraising initiative
  3. You bring networks, champions, and access to resources to the table


The term for Fundraising Advisory Council members will begin on March 18, 2020 and conclude on March 1, 2021. After the initial term start date, applications for the Fundraising Advisory Council will be open on a revolving basis, at the sole discretion of the StartingBloc Board of Directors.

The StartingBloc Board of Directors reserves the right to remove members from the Fundraising Advisory Council.


Council members meet quarterly via Zoom. The StartingBloc Team and a representative from the StartingBloc Board of Directors will be present at the quarterly Council-wide meeting.

2020 meeting dates and times are:

  • March 18, 8pmET-9:30pmET
  • June 16, 8pm-9:30pmET
  • Sept 22, 8pm-9:30pmET
  • Nov 17, 8pm-9:30pmET

Council members will have access to a private Slack channel on the StartingBloc team Slack as well as a Google Drive folder on the StartingBloc Team Drive. These channels will be used for ongoing communication and all Council members are welcome to 1:1 time with any member of the StartingBloc team or other members of the Advisory Council at any time (as folks are available). Council members will work closely with the StartingBloc CEO, under the direction of the StartingBloc Board of Directors.

We want to build this alongside you: it may make sense to have smaller squads to think through priorities, projects, and opportunities. As a Fundraising Advisory Council member, you choose where and how you want to contribute to funding StartingBloc.

The members of the Advisory Council will consider StartingBloc a philanthropic priority and will make annual gifts that reflect that priority, commensurate with their capacity.

A mandatory minimum gift of $500 is required to join the Council.

The Advisory Council intends to collectively raise or donate a minimum of $50,000 annually.

Benefits of Council Membership:

  1. Opportunity to help shape the financial future of StartingBloc in service of the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.
  2. Access to group-based ideation and collaboration on the Future of Leadership and the Future of Work alongside some of the most innovative thinkers and dreamers.
  3. Your name on the StartingBloc website and headshot in the StartingBloc Transparency Report.
  4. Discounted access to a StartingBloc event or online learning modules.
Apply to join the Fundraising Advisory Council