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Community is everything

“From accountability, to resources, to emotional support. The StartingBloc family has opened doors for me I never thought possible. I got a job and moved cross country in San Francisco all because of a referral from an SB Fellow! SB has changed my life and continues to. If you’re looking to level up in some way and make a positive pivot in your life, StartingBloc is for you.”

Anthony Holloway, NY’16 Fellow, Dev Bootcamp Career Coach

Gain tools to move forward

“What I would like prospective Fellows to know about the StartingBloc experience is how much I have grown as a Woman, Leader and Agent of Change. I can not describe the feeling of being fully emerged within a different stream of thinking, finding a large network of like minded people and rediscovering my purpose. StartingBloc will forever be an experience that has changed my life all because I took a chance to live a dream and gained the tools to move forward as an Agent of Change within my community.”

Sophia Domeville, LA’17 Fellow, Community School Director in Newark, NJ

I didn’t even realize how much I was hiding

“I didn’t even realize how much I was hiding in my everyday life until being surrounded by all of these beautiful people who were so accepting of my real, whole self. Since the Institute, I have been so enamored by the power of the StartingBloc community that I have volunteered to mentor at two different institutes. Mentoring with StartingBloc gave me leadership and facilitation experience I’ve been craving and it empowered me with confidence to actively seek out such opportunities in other avenues as well!”

Nikhita Kamath, LA’15 Fellow, Sales Account Executive, Yelp

I left my cohort closer to the best Version of myself

“StartingBloc is an incubator, a laboratory, and a celebration. It is an experience built on the power of inclusion, non-judgement, and the truth that we can all make a difference. It is a culture of ‘can do!’ and ‘heck yeah!’ that will lovingly lift you. It is THE place to share, experiment, and learn, and I left my cohort closer to the best version of myself than I have ever been. StartingBloc exceeded my hopes on every level! Don’t hesitate. Apply. You will be SO very glad you did.”

Lizzy Flanagan, LA’17 Fellow, Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty/Agent

Make huge strides

“I found out about SB through a connection in a social impact co-working space a few years back and struggled to find the right time to go. Years later, the stars aligned and I ended up in NYC with over 100 of the most passionate and incredible people ever. I’m so grateful for what I learned, the people I met and the new community that I’m connected to of other change makers doing outstanding work around the world. This is what I’ve been looking for and exactly what I needed! I’ve already made huge strides personally and professionally in my businesses since returning only a few months later. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Bryce Evans, NY’18 Fellow, Founder, The One Project

We must invest in ourselves

“StartingBloc develops holistically; we cannot become the great leaders we are destined to be if we do not take time to invest in ourselves, and that is what StartingBloc continues to remind me of and do for me. I proudly share that 3 of my last professional roles have been because of StartingBloc Fellows, but even more important is the sense of confidence I feel at work and in life can also be attributed to StartingBloc Fellows.”

Bie Aweh, LA’16 Fellow, Learning & Development Consultant

It’s not what you’re thinking

“It is not what you are thinking. I would like to make an emphasis on the word experience. Whatever you are looking for as a social entrepreneur, leader, and change maker you will find it at StartingBloc, even the things you don’t know you are looking for. This community is all about discovery, learning and sharing. You will be amazed at the opportunities and the knowledge but even more you will be happy to be part of this tribe.”

Diana Haro, DC’15 Fellow, Founder, Movers & Shapers

Early traction for my company

“The week I attended StartingBloc was the same week we launched ReWork’s first website. Before going to the Institute, I genuinely had no idea how many people were on the same journey as I was: trying to figure out how to align our values with our work. It’s hard to hold yourself accountable to ambitious goals without a community of people who believe in you, and this is the true value that I got from StartingBloc. Since attending, I’ve built relationships with other Fellows as clients, coworkers, allies, and best friends. I attribute the early traction of ReWork to the strength of the StartingBloc community, and I strongly encourage all new employees of ours to attend the Institute.”

Evan Walden, LA’12 Fellow, CEO, Monday

Powerful skills & lifelong friendships

“StartingBloc was the best investment I’ve made in my adult life. I am not aware of any other community that has such a diversity of focus, a depth of compassion, and a commitment to making the world a better place. I walked away with powerful skills, lifelong friendships, and access to a community that I have tapped into countless times!”

Whitney Stewart, NOLA’15 Fellow, Associate Design Strategist, Context Partners

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