Your turn. Imagine that the world had no middlemen, no publishers, no bosses, no HR folks, no one telling you what you couldn’t do. If you lived in that world, what would you do? Go do that.

Seth Godin, Award Winning Author, NY'17 Institute Speaker

Who are StartingBloc Fellows?

Leaders who are committed to something bigger than themselves (art, systems change, equity, financial transparency, food supply, etc.).

Community-seekers – people who want to show up with and for others over the long-haul.

Individuals who represent different identities. 65% of Fellows are people of color and 55% identify as Female.

Professionals. Think StartingBloc is only for entrepreneurs? We’ve certainly got ’em (and over 100 ventures started by our Fellows) but 56% of the room are self-identified professionals working in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors. We’re entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and bridge builders who work between sectors to make real change happen.

Adults of all ages. StartingBloc Institutes are intergenerational by design. In 2016, the age of Fellows has spanned 18-70, with a median age of 29.

StartingBloc is for…

Gain clarity, vision, and confidence in
your next steps.

Jennifer DeSimone | NY’12 Fellow

How did you first hear about StartingBloc?

I first heard about StartingBloc through my ex. I was at the lowest place at my life, and was full of confusion about my career and my life. I decided to invest in myself. I knew something had to give at some point and maybe this was it.

What challenge did StartingBloc help you with?

Overcoming fear: it’s something we all face. Knowing I have a tribe that backs me up no matter what reminds me to face my fears head on. I know I have the resources and people I need to move forward – and that I can also provide that to others.

Deepen your toolbox and belong to a community of support.

Monica Kang | BOS/NY’07 Fellow

Describe your Institute experience.

It was challenging, inspiring and informational. The experience left me enchanted, inspired and hungry to learn more. You can’t expect change without investing in yourself.

How does StartingBloc show up in your life?

The community. It’s powerful to know that there is a whole network of like-minded individuals that reminds you why you are taking the path less traveled.

Reinvigorate the impact you seek to
make within your community.

Trace Allen | NOLA’17 Fellow

Why did you decide to attend StartingBloc?

Reason #1 is that I was entering a “crossroads” in my work and was unclear on what the path forward should be. Reason #2 is that I very much believe in the work of social impact/community development/social entrepreneurship, and anything that could help me grow personally and professionally and into a better leader, I was in. Reason #3 and probably the motive that carried the highest weight, I wanted to find more of “my people” or, as SB puts it, my “tribe.” And I absolutely have.

Describe your Institute experience.

My Institute experience provided me with the opportunity to learn from brilliant speakers and leaders, to be the challenged by the ambitions and authenticity of my peers, while simultaneously being encouraged to become the leader and person I desire to be.

What’s next?

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